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Thanks to everyone who has contributed to the website. Listed in order of their contribution rather than the size of it.

Particular thanks go to:-

Vernon Hucks; Sarah Steuber of Wildflowers of Houston; Jacqueline Groom; Mary Contrary; Alan Watson of Trees for Life; Chris Webster of The Lundy Field Society; Alan J Hedges BSc; Dick Vuijk of Natural History of Iceland; Paul Nielsen of British Wild Flowers Gallery; Ernst Horak of Botanik im Bild; The Centre for Environmental Data and Recording (CEDaR) of; Richard Middleton of Hull's Millennium Atlas; Ross McAlpine; Gordon Young; Pam Copson of Warwickshire Flora Group; Terry Joyce; David Mitchell; Neil Cooper of; Alex Lockton of the Shropshire Botanical Society website; Rob Stokes; Tina Teearu of the Wildflower Society; Alan Speed; Nigel Stevenson of Stevenson Design; Ray Hobbs; Tim Harrison; John O'Reilly; Lorna and Derek Holland; Richard Milne; John Edgington; David Price; Ian L Ralphs; Dennis Skinner; Derek Ratcliffe; Lynne Farrell; Augustin Roche of Herbier Photographique; Prof. Paul Busselen of KULAK; Linda Moore; Chris Pogson.

If you would like to donate pictures or in some way contribute to this project, don't hesitate to contact me, Quentin Groom at

A compete list of the species still requiring illustation can be found by clicking here