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References and Links

Botanical Societies

The Botanical Society of the British Isles
Founded in 1836 as the Botanical Society of London and welcoming both professional and amateur botanists. The society focuses on the study of botany in the British Isles.
The Wild Flower Society
A society for amateur botanists and wild flower lovers in the UK. They organise frequent field meeting across the county to obsurve and photograph plants in their natural habitats.
The Natural History Society of Northumbria
Everything you might want to know about this society, including details of their field meetings, lectures and nature reserve.
Plantlife is a charity dedicated to conserving plant life in its natural habitat.
The British Bryological Society
For the study and conservation of mosses and liverworts worldwide.
The English Hedgerow Trust
The English Hedgerow Trust is a charity dedicated to the conservation of hedgerows.

Regional Sites

The Flora of North-east England
Distribution maps and contact details for the BSBI in the North-east of England
Irish Wildflowers
An on-line photographic reference and identification guide for everyone interested in the wildflowers growing in Ireland.
Warwickshire Wild Flowers
A site on the flowering plants and ferns of Warwickshire, including information on current projects and events.
The Shropshire Botanical Society website
Home of the Shropshire Botanical Society Database. A searchable database of the flora of Shropshire with distribution maps and details of each site.
Flora of Northern Ireland
Run by Ulster Museum this site provides stacks of useful information on the Flora of Northern Ireland. There are pictures, distribution maps and descriptions of the plants.
Derbyshire Biological Records Centre
Information on the plants and animals of Derbyshire.
The Plants of Hull
A well constructed site with an Atlas of the plants of Hull. Hopefully, sites like these will become more common.

Botanical Gardens

Australian National Botanic Gardens
Not the most glitzy website, but packed with information.
The Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh
Lots of information about the botanic gardens and their research. Also, several searchable databases, including the Database of the Flora Europaea.
The Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew
Lots of information about the gardens, the herbarium and the research that goes on there.

Other databases, picture libraries etc.

Catholic University Leuven
A comprehensive photo library of northern European plants. It is based in Belgium but has a version written in English.
Flora Web
Data and information on the wild plants and vegetation of Germany
British Nature
A site dedicated to the wildlife of Britain. It contains many pictures and descriptions of plants, animals and fungi.
A Multi-Lingual database for the Vernacular Names of European Wild Plants.
A Checklist of the vascular plants of Poland.
Flora Celtica
An international project based at the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, documenting and promoting the knowledge and sustainable use of native plants in the Celtic countries and regions of Europe.
The International Plant Names Index (IPNI) is a database of the names and associated basic bibliographical details of all seed plants.
This site offers a large selection of pictures of Natural History objects, mostly British in origin.
Andrew N. Gagg's Photo Flora
This Photo Flora picture library contains many thousands of photographic transparencies and is entirely devoted to all aspects of Europe's wild flora.
Swedish Museum of Natural History
A large site which includes Den Virtuella Floran, a searchable flora of Sweden.
Flora for Fauna
The home of the postcode plant database. Information on native plants and a database that will make a checklist of your local flora and fauna.
The Ecological Database of the British Isles
This site is what its name suggests. It is designed with the professional or knowledgeable amateur in mind and is a gold mine of information.
Plant name database
A guide to the common names of plants in several european languages by Henriette Kress.

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